Zee Mays (kirbyisshibby) wrote in method_addicts,
Zee Mays

Squeaky Green!

The other day I was surprised to find a copy of the new Method book by Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, Squeaky Green: The Method Guide to Detoxing Your Home waiting for me at the post office. It's fantastic!

Check it out on Amazon:


It came with three $1 off coupons, which actually rang up as $5 off at Target today, and the cashier didn't catch it, soooo... I scored. :] While I was at Target, I noticed they're clearancing out the Method Bloq line. I stocked up on my beloved beach sage body wash today. BUT there's a brand new soy candle out in the same beach sage scent. So I'm not completely and utterly heartbroken.

PS: I cleaned my boyfriend's (filthy) bathroom this morning using only baking soda, warm water, and Dr. Bronner's hemp castile soap (which is now also available at Target?!). He's lived in that house for 2 months and didn't realize that his shower was WHITE, not off-white. Oy. Even though you can clean most anything with baking soda or vinegar, I thought he needed some Method too; it's more fun. ;]
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